AI Character Rules

AI characters are primarily designed to be in large facilities or on ships and not in small mobile chassis. As a result of this AI players should take a 0 in the soldier attribute but may have up to +8 in one of their remaining two attributes instead of the +6 limit for new characters.

AI combat rating: average of Agent + Tech rounded down.
AI hit points: Tech + 6.
AI initiative: average of Agent + Tech rounded down.
AI defense: combat rating + 4.
AI edge starts at 3.

AI Combat when in cyberspace:

  • An aggressive intrusion (taking over or locking down): 1d6 + combat rating + hacking skill
  • A passive intrusion (snooping/planting code or info): 1d6 + combat rating + stealth

1d6 + tech + hacking

1d6 + agent + awareness

If at any time an AI remotely controls a physical chassis that is capable of joining the rest of the crew on a mission it takes a -1, -2 or -3 penalty to both of the other two attributes (it does not have to be the same for each) due to the reduced processesing power available to the part of the AI in the chassis the total of the two values is then combined to create the soldier attribute. The AI may choose one tag skill for the chassis (must be chosen at time of chassis acquisition and cannot be changed) that replaces one of its regular tag skills while it is using the chassis. The AI retains all of its other skills as normal and uses the regular combat rules. If the chassis is destroyed (what would be considered dead for another player the AI) must take a permanent -1 to one of its primary attributes chosen at random.

AI Character Rules

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